Riviving The Forgotten Prophecy

Many have forgotten, the true meanings and implications of prophecies that can become extremely powerful tools to control and understand our lives. It is not just a prediction into the future but a vessel that carries the mind towards the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. His heart is filled with information that can help us to survive in this world. I have been given the gift of prophecy since I was a young child but it took a long time before I truly realised the potential and proper use of the information that has been channeled through me.

The divination of prophecy is to accept our destiny in this world, which is not just guided by the church but everything that is alive in this world. It brings us together in awareness of a new kind of a world that we should approach. Through all the many difficulties that are still ahead of us, the second coming of christ is always more and more near. It is not something to be feared of, instead, we must phocus our attention in understanding these prophecies that can give us comfort and certanity in what lies beyond the everyday world.

I warn you that there are many distractions in this world, to which you must just believe in those who speak in the name of Jesus. It is the only way to trust the very thing that we can see ahead of us. Hopefully, a beautiful day in the future. Let us never forget, and thrive through the very awareness that gives us unlimited power to trancend this world to a better place to live. For all of us, and for good. This is my mission, to rivive those very prophecies that have been forgotten, but will never cease to exist.


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